5 Types of Cards in PES 2021 Mobile

Types of Cards in PES 2021 Mobile

Types of Cards in PES 2021 Mobile. One of the very interesting features of the game Pro Evolution Soccer or PES 2021 is the many types of player cards provided. In total, there are 7 types of cards available every week, including Iconic Moment, Legend, Fans’ Choice, Player of The Week, Club Selection, Base, and Carryover. For Fans’ Choice, Player of The Week, and Club Selection are usually often combined and referred to as Featured Player.

One player can have several different overalls depending on the type of card they have. Usually, players with the Iconic Moment card type have the highest rating, which can reach more than 100.

Types of Cards in PES 2021 Mobile

1. Legend

Legend is a type of card that is filled by retired legend players, such as Maradona, Ronaldinho, Casillas, Oliver Kahn, and so on. Usually, legendary players who get this card are players who have triumphed in their time. This card is identical to the yellow gold color.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

The easy way to get Legends players in PES 2021 is to roll in a draw that has a Legend in it. In addition, Legends can also be obtained from certain challenges that are provided for a limited time.

2. Iconic Moment

The best and most difficult card to get is Iconic Moment. This card, which is often abbreviated as IM, only appears once a week, with the hope that getting it is very, very difficult, some even say there is only a 2% chance.

Iconic Moment is identical to a card with a red background. Iconic Moment is based on unique moments experienced by a longtime player.

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Iconic Moment always has a maximum rating above 90, some even more than 100. Slightly different from other cards, Iconic Moment’s player rating can be boosted if you use a team that matches that player. If you have Iconic Moment Messi with a rating of 99, then you use the Barcelona team for the squad, then Messi’s rating can increase to more than 100.

Diego Maradona

Iconic Moment can only be obtained using a roll that costs 100 Coins or buy it using eFootball Points. The most powerful way to get Iconic Moment in PES 2021 quickly is to diligently save Coins and eFootball Points.

Featured Player or Highlight Player is a collection of players that are trending or highlighted at a certain time. Featured Player can be divided into 3 types, namely Player of The Week, Fans’ Choice, and Club Selection.

  • Player of The Week

POTW is a player who was top performing in the previous week. Players who get a MOTM, score goals and assists, get a clean sheet, or make a lot of interceptions have a high chance of getting a POTW type card.

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POTW players have a slightly higher rating than the regular version players. For example, Lionel Messi has a maximum rating of 98, then the POTW version of Ronaldo can have a fixed rating of 98, 99, or even higher.

This card can be obtained by doing a box draw at a special POTW agent at a cost of 100 Coins.

  • Fans Choice

Fans’ Choice is a collection of players from a league that is chosen by fans directly. Each Fans’ Choice box can contain up to 20 players, depending on how many teams there are in the given league.

This card can be obtained by doing a box draw at the Fans’ Choice special agent at a cost of 100 Coins.

  • Club Selection

Club Selection is a collection of players from a particular club. Each Club Selection box can contain up to 8 players with different positions. You can draw a CS card every week with a certain time.

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This card can be obtained by doing a box draw at a special agent Club Selection at a cost of 100 Coins.

4. Base Player

Josip Iličić

Base Player is an ordinary player or often referred to as a normal player. This type of player does not have any advantages. You can get it by drawing in all available agent boxes except the Featured Player box.

5. Carryover

Players with Carryover cards have two advantages, namely they are stable in condition C and if they are sold, the price can be 2 to 3 times more expensive than the same players with Base cards.


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That’s a guide about the various types of cards in PES 2021 Mobile and PC complete with explanations and how to get them easily, hopefully it’s useful!

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