Watu Bale beach destinations in Indonesia

Watu Bale has been known for its unique and beautiful beach tourism. There is one beach that not many people know. Understandably, this beach is a new tourist destination in Kebumen. The name is Watu Bale Beach. Watu Bale Beach is a beach located in Pasir Village, Ayah Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency, Central Java.

This beach is still very new and has a variety of really exciting rides. Its location is also quite strategic when compared to Menganti Beach. Are you curious about the activities you can do on this new beach in Kebumen? Check it out!

Enjoy the wide ocean view from the top of the tree house

When you arrive at the Panduruan hill, you can not only enjoy the view. There are also several tourist facilities that you should and you must try, one of which is a tree house. Here you can climb to the top of the tree that has been given a ladder to enjoy the view.

Watu Bale Beach Triangle Bridge

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Not only has the Titanic Cliffs the ultimate weapon, Watu Bale Beach Kebumen also has another ride that is no less cool than the cliff. Well, for those of you who like photography, taking pictures at Watu Bale Beach can be an interesting activity when you visit this beach. Especially when you visit on a sunny day, you will be presented with an Instagramable view. So, don’t waste the valuable opportunity you have when visiting this beach.

Cheap Ticket Prices But World Class Views

Well, a vacation at Watu Bale Beach doesn’t have to be expensive. With the Watu Bale Beach entrance fee of around $ 1, you can enjoy the natural beauty that only the prettiest beaches in Kebumen have.

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