Menganti Beach

Menganti Beach Location This beach is located in the Karangduwur area, Ayah District which is still included in the Kebumen Regency, Central Java. It is located approximately 42 kilometers when taken from Kebumen City. While from Gombong District the distance is around 35 kilometers.

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Route Road to Menganti Beach Along the road that goes to Menganti Beach, you will be treated to a beautiful view because there are many hills. In addition, the cool weather of the Kebumen area will spoil your body and soul that thirst for comfort and tranquility. If you are from the center of Kebumen City, the distance is around 40 kilometers. Take the south direction for about 60 minutes. The route followed is Kebumen-Petanahan-Puring-Karangbolong-Menganti.

Red Bridge

You can visit this place on foot because the distance is quite close to 300 meters from the beach area. If you don’t want to be tired of walking, you can ride the shuttle at no charge.

jembatan merah di pantai menganti

This bridge is an instagramable photo spot and should not be missed when you visit Menganti Beach.


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