What are the benefits of curcuma?

Curcuma is often used as the main ingredient of herbal medicine because of its miraculous properties for health and beauty.

Curcuma can be found in various regions in Indonesia, especially the highlands with loose soil.

Benefits of Curcuma for Health and Beauty

1. Can Lower Cholesterol

Curcuma herbal medicine which is sold in the wider market often advertises its products as lowering cholesterol.

Consuming curcuma drink at least every other day not only helps lower cholesterol, but also maintains heart health.

2. Can Help Prevent and Fight Cancer

According to a study in 2001, ginger can help the healing process of prostate, colon and breast cancer patients.

3. Able to Treat Liver and Heart Failure

Diuretics are substances that can reduce salt and mineral levels in the body.

The substance is able to prevent salt levels from accumulating to become a source of new diseases.

This natural diuretic drug can treat internal problems such as liver failure, heart failure, kidney stones, and tissue swelling (edema).

4. Caring for the face

These problems include acne, dull skin, excessive pigmentation, or fungus.

The benefits of curcuma for the face can be realized thanks to the content of curcumin and its antiseptic properties that cleanse the skin.

5. As Osteoarthritis Medicine

Another function of curcuma is to treat osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease experienced by the elderly in which the joints in the body begin to feel brittle, stiff, and achy.


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