What Are the Problems That Can Occur in a Car AC Filter Dryer?
Prevent Car AC Filter Dryer Problems with Routine Service

Filter driers are one of the main components in car air conditioners. In addition to filter dryers, the other main components are condensers, compressors, expansion valves, and evaporators. The filter dryer, also called the receiver dryer, is located between the condenser and the expansion valve.
This component has a function to filter out various impurities that come into circulation. If the impurities are not filtered and remain in circulation, the circulation system can be disrupted and the function of other components can also be disrupted or even damaged.
In the dryer filter, there are other components whose function greatly influences the performance of the filter dryer. These components are filter, desiccant, sight glass, and fusible plug. But please note if the sight glass is usually found on cars made in 2000 but starting in 2003, most cars do not use sight glass.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

What Bad Habits Can Affect a Car AC Filter Dryer?

So much can affect the filter on car air conditioners. One of them is a bad habit that is often done. The most common bad habit is rarely doing regular maintenance of car air conditioners so that the various components in it become untreated. If you already like this, it’s no wonder the cost spent on repairs becomes more.

What Problems Can Occur in a Car AC Filter Dryer?

There are several problems that can arise in the dryer filter, one of which is a blockage or other problems around the dryer filter. This problem can make the wind output on the car air conditioner grille like fog or smoke. In addition, the filter which is clogged with dirt can also make the temperature feel different. If this problem occurs then one way that can be done so that the filter can function properly is to replace the filter dryer.
Not only dirt, but other materials can also be a cause of this one component being clogged. One of them is the receiver’s silica stone that is out of place so that the freon channel will close and the freon flow becomes obstructed.
Silica stone in this component is wrapped and has a function to filter impurities. If the silica wrap has a leak then it is not impossible if the silica stone will go into various components of the air conditioner.

Prevent Car AC Filter Dryer Problems with Routine Service

There are so many who consider trivial with the routine service of car air conditioners so that the usual one to be given care is only the body and engine of the car. This assumption is wrong because car air conditioners must also be treated in order to work optimally. To avoid various kinds of problems that will come, prevent the problem of dryer car air conditioner filters with regular service.
Not only dryer filters, but other components must also be treated because each component in a car air conditioner has an interrelated function. If one component error occurs, it will affect the performance of other components so that the AC function of the car is disrupted. By doing regular service, all components of the car air conditioner will be more awake and car owners can find out faster if there are problems with the components.


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