A Virtual private network (VPN) is affordable, easy to use, and a vital component in your PC and smartphone. Along with firewall and antivirus security solutions, you’ll need to install a VPN so that any time you spend online completely private can’t be tracked by the provider or ISP you’re using.

What is a VPN and what does it do?

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Have you ever worried about how personal your online activity is? Worried about AD trackers? May you try to access a webpage that is banned by your service provider (ISP) or government? Or maybe you just want to watch a movie on Netflix that is not available in our beloved country this?

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Many types of VPN are widely available. VPN is also possible to manage the privacy of online surfing for one home with a variety of devices both smartphone and PC, if you want to improve your privacy, avoid censorship, and watch what you want on Netflix, then you Must subscribe to the VPN service.

Offering an encrypted connection between your computer and a server located in various locations, VPN allows you to avoid various location-based restrictions on your web browsing and make you very privacy even from the government Though.

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Meanwhile, encryption protects your activity from commercial supervision with an ad tracker. When used over a public wireless network, a VPN can even protect your data from cyber criminals. And because your activity is anonymized, websites won’t be able to track your visit (unless you’re signed in to your account).

Here are a few reasons why you should use a VPN. Check out our guide to using a VPN if you need guidance.

Why you should use a VPN

A VPN makes a secure online connection to another computer. Here are situations where you have to use a VPN to protect your privacy and improve your data and privacy security.

  • Browsing using public Wi-Fi networks

    If you are a person who likes to use public Wi-Fi such as in coffee shop, restaurant, Warteg existing Wi-Fi network. Something like this that sometimes escapes our thinking and this is a very risky activity if you are a strict privacy guard.
    Your browsing is unencrypted, and unencrypted radio waves can be picked up by anyone.
    Malware from one laptop in a coffee shop can find its way to your device via a router.
    Free Wi-Fi on offer can be a trap of a fake internet connection that operates as phishing that simply steals data.
    Also remember that free public Wi-Fi is honest even if your phone or laptop data can be listed on the Wi-Fi router and will send information to the network’s ISP.

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  • Can avoid data collection sensors by the government

    As we know governments have the power to prevent you from accessing certain websites. Perhaps you are living in a state of government that wants to curb and close an information so as to restrict an access.

    Maybe you need to communicate with the outside world, the message of the ex girlfriend possible. Haha

    A VPN can be used to access the materials and services you need to use without realizing the security authorities. The Data is encrypted, which means that every online action is private. They can’t be read. If you’re based in an oppressive regime, by accident, you should see Streisand, a tool that can be used to create a VPN server — plus instruction — lets friends and family access the web outside of the sensor’s range.

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  • Encrypt everything automatically

    It may seem like in some virtual world crime movies or TV shows, but VPN users on your PC or mobile can actually encrypt the data you use on websites and remote servers.

    Indeed, any online activity you do with a VPN app that runs and connects to the server is encrypted.

    As a result, a secure private tunnel is created so you can send data. This is how public Wi-Fi can be made secure and how data and browsing activity can be stored from government sensors.

    Each VPN service offers a client application. Through this, you choose the server you want to use, and connect to it. All Internet activities are routed through a virtual private network, ensuring privacy and security. Even if your data is intercepted, it will not mean anything to hacker hackers.


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