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Wormy Children, How To Overcome It?

Worms in children can be easily treated. The general practitioner will tell the mother to give the child a dose of antiparasitic tablets, which can be obtained over the counter at a pharmacy or health store.

If a child is diagnosed with pinworms, the mother should also treat all family members at home with anti-parasitic tablets.

It is also a good idea to keep children away from school or day care when the child has worms. These restrictions are in place to stop worms from spreading to other children.

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Worms can easily spread and the infection can come back at any time. Mothers can take some precautions to prevent intestinal worms in children. How to prevent?

1. Cut nails regularly.

2. Try to prevent the child from scratching their buttocks or sucking on their thumbs or fingers.

3. If a parent or child has worms, wash clothes and sheets regularly with hot water and soap every day for several days after treatment.

4. Clean toilet seats and bedpans regularly.

5. Encourage the child to shower regularly in the morning to help get rid of worm eggs

6. Wash hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and before handling food.

how to choose worm medicine that is safe for children? The World Health Organization recommends giving albendazole (400 milligrams) or mebendazole (500 milligrams) to children with intestinal worms.

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These two types of drugs are usually given to children with common intestinal worms. Praziquantel may also be the drug of choice if a child has schistosomiasis.

Deworming is recommended at least twice a year according to the doctor’s recommendation. Actually parents cannot always rely on deworming medicine to treat intestinal worms in children.

In the end, lifestyle and behavior that maintain cleanliness will help children avoid worms.


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