4 Main Functions of Using Aerators in Fisheries

TentangKitaNovember 19, 2023

Main Functions of Using Aerators in Fisheries

Are you a fish farmer looking to increase the productivity and health of your fish?

One effective way to achieve this is to use an aerator.

In this article, we will discuss the function of an aerator in fisheries and how this tool can help optimize the water quality in your fish pond.

Here are some Main Functions of Using Aerators in Fisheries:

1. Removes Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide

Ammonia is a toxic substance produced by fish food scraps and other organic wastes. If the level of ammonia in the water is too high, it can cause stress to the fish and even death.

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In addition, the aerator also helps remove carbon dioxide produced by fish breathing, maintaining the pH balance of the water.

2. Maintain a Stable Water Temperature

Stable water temperature is very important for fish health. Drastic changes in temperature can cause stress to fish and even cause disease.

With an aerator, your pool water will maintain its temperature because the movement of the water produced by the aerator helps regulate the distribution of heat in the pool.

3. Improve Overall Water Quality

Good, healthy water will create an optimal environment for fish growth and reduce the risk of disease.

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Apart from that, with good water quality, you can also increase the productivity of your fishery and achieve better results.

4. Increasing Oxygen Content

By using an aerator, you can ensure that your fish get an adequate supply of oxygen for their breathing.

Sufficient oxygen will help increase the fish’s metabolic rate and accelerate their growth.

Those are some Main Functions of Using Aerators in Fisheries.

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