How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

5 How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

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How to get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

Neymar Jr. is a player with captivating skills who is often the target of PES mobile users. How to get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021?. So, to be able to get players who are classified as black ball, you have to know the methods. Here are some recommendations on how to get Neymar in the PES mobile game.

Here are some How to get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021:

Box Draw Agent

This feature provides players from the Silver Ball to Black Ball category which always changes according to version. Especially to get Neymar, you must first use this feature during the French Ligue 1 or the release of club stars around the world.

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Using this feature is very easy, just exchange 25,000 GP points or 250 coins. You have to do it over and over again to get a player like Neymar.

How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021
How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

The first thing you need to do is enter the place to draw. The place is in the menu Contracts > Agent > Box Draw > Legends: Worldwide Clubs. Next, you need to know that actually all the players in the Box Draw have the same probability or probability of getting, that’s the explanation available in the Box Draw.

Ordinary Agent

To get Neymar jr is to use the regular agent recruitment feature. For those of you who often recruit players, you should be aware of this feature. But unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a black football player like Neymar through an ordinary agent. However, there’s no harm in trying.

Special Agent

The next way to get Neymar jr on PES mobile is to use a private agent or POTW. There are a lot of players here who are in form every week and most likely one of them is Neymar Jr who has no doubts about his form.

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In this special agent you have a great chance to get Neymar with only 100 coins you have. In addition, every player obtained from this special agent will be upgraded by the system.

Talent Guide

You definitely get exploration cards after playing against the computer, right? Well, it turns out that this card can work to get Neymar. The first thing you should do is collect as many survey cards as possible. If you have one, choose a 5-star card that matches your Neymar Jr skill, position or country of origin.

Every time you finish a match in PES you will get a Scout. This term is a bonus agent that is given by KONAMI for free. However, the agents in this feature are mostly White Balls. But don’t worry, you can collect Scout agents and then sell them to get additional GP.

Switching Players

It turns out that to get Neymar who is included in the black ball category, this can only be done by exchanging players. However, you have to be willing to sacrifice three more black ball players for Neymar Jr.

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How to get Neymar jr in PES Mobile is very easy, just enter the club house then enter the exchange button and select the 3 black football player cards that you will exchange with Neymar jr. Then you fill in the filter according to the specifications of Neymar jr. Finally click Recruit and see that Neymar jr is already part of your team.

Those are some How to get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

By having good players, of course you will be very helpful right! Hopefully the reviews above can help you well in the PES Mobile game! Thank You!

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