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5 How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

By having players with good skills, it will make it easier for the team to win match after match, either against the computer or against other users.

One of the players with captivating skills and much targeted by PES mobile users is Neymar jr.

Well, to be able to get players who are classified as black ball, you have to know the ways.

Here are some recommendations on how to get Neymar jr on PES mobile.

How to Get Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

Switch Player

It turns out that to get Neymar jr who is included in this black ball category, it can be done by simply swapping players.

Neymar in PES Mobile 2021

However, you have to be willing to sacrifice three other black ball category players in exchange for Neymar jr.

Then how to exchange it?

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It’s easy, you just enter the club house and then enter the exchange button and select the three black ball player cards that you will exchange with Neymar jr.

After that, you fill in the filter according to the specifications of Neymar jr. Finally click recruit, and see Neymar jr is already part of your team.

Through Special Agent

The next way to get Neymar jr on PES mobile is to use a Special Agent or POTW.

Here there are many players who are in their best form every week and most likely one of them is Neymar jr who has no doubt about his appearance.

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In this special agent you have a great chance to get Neymar jr with only 100 coins that you have.

Via Ordinary Agent

For those of you who often recruit players, you must be familiar with this one feature.

But unfortunately, to be able to get a black ball player like Neymar jr through an ordinary agent is quite difficult.

Even so, there is no harm in trying.

Through the Talent Guide

You must get a scouting card after playing against the computer, right?

Well, it turns out that the card can work to get Neymar Jr.

The first thing you have to do is collect as many scouting cards as you can.

If you have got it, then choose a 5 star card that matches the skill, position, or country of origin of Neymar jr

Via Box Draw Agent

PES Mobile provides a way to recruit players with the box draw agent feature or draw players.

This feature provides players in the silver ball to black ball categories which always change depending on the edition.

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Specifically to get Neymar jr, you must use this feature during the French league or worldwide club stars edition first.

Using this feature is very easy, it is enough to exchange 25000 GP points or 250 coins.

You have to repeat over and over again to get a classy player like Neymar jr.

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