7 Reasons You Should Grow Chili at Home

TentangKitaNovember 18, 2023

Reasons You Should Grow Chili at Home.

Is there anyone here who really likes spicy food? Have you ever thought about growing your own chillies at home?

If you think like that, maybe you should know more about the Reasons You Should Grow Chili at Home. Let’s see further:

1. Planting Chilli Free from Chemicals

Chili farmers often use chemical pesticides to treat chilies so that they are not attacked by pests. However, there is a price to pay, namely the health that may threaten people.

By growing chillies at home, you can have full control of your garden. That means, you can treat chilies without using chemical methods. As a result, the products you produce yourself are healthy and free of chemicals.

2. Growing Chillies Is a Fun Hobby

If you have ever planted a plant, there will definitely be a feeling of pleasure in your heart. Likewise, if you plant chilies at home, there will be a pleasant feeling if the chilies that you plant from the seeds grow, and even bear fruit.
Not only that, when you come home from work and are tired, the fatigue seems to decrease when you see your own plants growing.

3. Growing Chili Can Reduce Carbon Footprint

The majority of chilies that we can find at vegetable vendors and in markets come from outside the city. This also requires transportation to deliver goods. Therefore, the carbon produced from transportation also increases.
By planting chilies at home, you can say that you have contributed to efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

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4. Planting Chilli Becomes Cost-Effective

Growing chilies at home can save costs. If you want to grow chilies at home, you only need fertile soil, medium pots, and chili seeds. I myself once planted chillies from three chillies and they grew into more than 30 chilli trees.
With just one harvest time, you are sure to return on investment, even big profits.

5. Chili Be Always Ready Stock

Chili is one ingredient that is often used in almost all types of cooking. By growing chilies at home, you don’t need to be afraid of running out of chilies.
You can pick chilies whenever you want and you don’t have to bother going to the market or going to a vegetable seller to get chilies.
What’s more, chilies that are picked straight from the tree will have a much fresher and spicier taste.

6. Means of teaching children

Cayenne pepper is a herbaceous plant that has a fibrous root shape so planting and caring for it is not that difficult. Moreover, this one plant can easily live anywhere as long as there is no shortage of sunlight and water. In other words, gardening at home can be a means of self-training for your child.

7. Has economic value

Those are some Reasons You Should Grow Chili at Home


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