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How to Reset Epson Printer L 805 service Required

In the world of printers, we already know that whatever type or brand you use will definitely need a reset.

if you don’t know what reset is, it means you have to understand a little more about how the printer.

reset is the process of cleaning counter data which automatically stored on the motherboard of a printer.

if the EEPROM data is full, then we automatically can’t use the printer as usual, and will be able to operate again when we return the data to 0%.

To find out when the printer needs a reset, usually there will be an Error warning.

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In addition, a Blink will appear on the Paper Light printer and the ink light flashes alternately, so if you encounter problems as described earlier, all you have to do is:

First Download the Resetter which was meant below Download Resetter Epson L 805 After you download the file / tool

the next step, please extract it first double click Adjprog.exe then a new window will open

Double Click on the Particular Adjustment Mode section. Please scroll down then there is the Maintenance section, please click Waste Ink Pad Counter then click OK

Check the Main Pad Counter and Platen Pad Counter then In the lower right corner click Check and Initialize the last one Click Finish, congratulations on successfully resetting your printer, please try good luck.

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