Benefits of Meat for Body Health

4 Benefits of Meat for Body Health

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Benefits of Meat for Body Health.

The benefits of meat is one of animal protein that must be sufficient for daily consumption.

Sometimes consuming meat does leave worries about the bad effects that will be obtained from consuming it.

Meat Type

The types of meat that we know are divided into two types, namely: red meat and white meat.

  • Red meat. When myoglobin is exposed to oxygen, a reddish oxymyoglobin in meat will develop, making myoglobin-rich meat look red. The redness of the meat depends on the species, age of the animal and type of fiber:
    • Example :
    • Cattle, Goats, horses, sheep and pigs
  • White meat. White meat contains a wider range of fibers that tend to work in short, quick bursts.
    • Example :
    • Chicken, fish (some fish have red meat such as salmon)

Meat is usually classified as red meat or white meat. Examples of red meat are beef and white meat, namely chicken. As with protein sources in general, it contains many building blocks which make it important to consume.

Here are some Benefits of Meat for Body Health:

Substance Iron

Substance Iron is also contained abundantly in meat, so that the formation of red blood cells will be more optimal. The function of this Substance iron is to avoid the symptoms of anemia. Consume it with various types of vegetables to optimize absorption, such as the benefits of spinach, the benefits of broccoli or the benefits of beans.

Fat content

Needed by the body for energy production for daily activities, fat will be processed by the body to increase energy so that it can carry out activities. In addition, fat is also used to help process enzymes and the formation of protein in the body.

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The content of healthy vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B to provide assistance to the nervous system and is also very good for vision, bones, skin and teeth.


Protein is a substance that will build tissues in the body, making the body’s natural antibodies work properly which prevent themselves from contracting various diseases. The essential amino acids in meat are the best in their class.

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Protein also functions as a building block for muscle and bone mass, strong and full muscles are one of the main sources of protein benefits.

Improve the health of the reproductive organs

Zinc is one of the good ingredients for maintaining reproductive health. You can meet these nutritional needs through beef.

Polemic on Meat Consumption

Meat makes a lot of problems in increasing cholesterol levels which triggers symptoms of heart disease. There are indeed indications that this can happen because of the saturated fat content in meat.

However, all of this can be overcome by consuming meat in moderation according to the number of calories per day of your diet, so you still feel safe consuming it. Also balance our diet with fruit.

Those are some Benefits of Meat for Body Health

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