Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant Women

7 Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant Women

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Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant Women.

Salted fish is a food that is often eaten by most of our society. The price is quite cheap and the taste is good which is the reason why this fish is quite popular for consumption.

Actually, pregnant women may consume salted fish, as long as they do not exceed the permitted salt consumption limit. Salted fish in fact also has quite a variety of nutritional content and is needed by the body.

Here are some Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant Women:

1. Reducing the Risk of Miscarriage

Iron deficiency in the body will cause many health problems. For pregnant women, iron deficiency will cause the threat of miscarriage to also be high. In order to avoid and prevent miscarriage, you can meet the needs of iron from this salted fish.

2. Helps Produce Blood

The benefits of salted fish for the next pregnant woman are to help produce blood for pregnant women and the fetus they contain. Salted fish also contains iron, although not much.

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Iron will stimulate the growth of blood platelets, which of course will increase blood production. The higher the quality of the type of fish used as salted fish, the greater the amount of iron present.

3. Source of Protein

Salted fish also contains protein which is useful for pregnant women.

This is certainly very important for the growth and development of the fetus in the womb. Even though salted fish has not enough protein when compared to other protein sources, at least you have one healthy and beneficial food consumption option.

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4. Preventing Low Birth Weight Babies

Iodine can also prevent babies born with low birth weight and premature birth. If during pregnancy you are able to meet sufficient iodine needs, the baby will be born normally with ideal body weight. The recommended consumption of iodine for pregnant women is 220 micrograms per day, this iodine requirement can also be less or more depending on the condition of the pregnant woman.

5. Fetal Brain Growth Nutrition

If pregnant women lack iodine intake during pregnancy, the risk of fetal brain growth will increase. This will certainly interfere with the growth of the baby in the future, especially their thinking and motor skills. You can provide sufficient iodine intake by consuming salted fish.

6. Increase Thyroid Hormone Production

Thyroid hormone in the body is quite large, including regulating the body’s metabolism. Thyroid hormone also plays an important role in the process of fetal growth and development in pregnant women. If the body’s metabolism is running well, the process of undergoing pregnancy will also be healthier and prevent various health problems.

7. Calcium For Fetal Growth

The nutrient content in salted fish is calcium, especially for the growth of fetal bones in the womb.

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Pregnant women also need adequate calcium intake so that the pregnancy process goes well. Calcium deficiency will also inhibit the growth of the fetus in the womb.

The benefits of salted fish for pregnant women are quite a lot, salted fish actually has nutrients that are useful for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb. Even though the nutritional content of salted fish is not as much as other nutritious food sources, salted fish can be a healthy diet for pregnant women and the price is also quite economical.

Those are some Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant Women.

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