Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant Women

Salted fish is a food that is often eaten by most of our people. The price is quite cheap and tastes good are the reasons why this fish is quite popular for consumption.

For those of you who are undergoing pregnancy, this fish can also be a side dish for healthy consumption.

Actually, there are still many questions, whether this fish can be consumed by pregnant women or not? because the high salt content in salted fish is also not good for health.

Actually, pregnant women may eat salted fish, as long as they exceed the permitted salt consumption limit. In fact, salted fish also contains quite a variety of nutrients and is needed by the body.

Here are the benefits of salted fish for pregnant women that we present in full for you.

1. Helps Produce Blood

The benefits of salted fish for the next pregnant woman is to help produce blood for pregnant women and the fetus they are carrying. Salted fish also contains iron, although the amount is not much.

Iron will stimulate the growth of blood platelets, which of course will increase blood production. The more high-quality the types of fish used as salted fish, the greater the amount of iron present.

2. Fetal Brain Growth Nutrition

Salted fish has a high iodine content, considering the way this fish is processed uses a lot of salt. The benefits of iodine for pregnant women include nutrition for fetal brain growth.

If pregnant women lack iodine intake during pregnancy, the risk of fetal brain growth will increase. This will certainly interfere with the baby’s growth in the future, especially his thinking and motor skills.

3. Increase Thyroid Hormone Production

The benefits of iodine found in salted fish also affect the production of thyroid hormones in the body.

The benefits of thyroid hormones in the body are quite large, including regulating the body’s metabolism.

If the body’s metabolism is running well, the process of undergoing pregnancy will also be healthier and prevent various health problems.

4. Reducing the Risk of Miscarriage

Iron in salted fish is also useful for reducing the risk of miscarriage for pregnant women

As we all know, iron is a very important nutrient for the body.

Lack of iron in the body will cause many health problems. For pregnant women, iron deficiency will cause a high threat of miscarriage.

In order to avoid and prevent miscarriage, you can meet the iron needs of this salted fish.

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